Thursday, November 11, 2010


SSTOP stands for Students Stopping the Trafficking of People.

This weekend Bryan held a conference all about this terrible issue that is plaguing our world today. Some estimates claim that 27 million people are being trafficked worldwide. It is modern day slavery and people aren't talking about it.

I just thought I would share one of the stories from the Trafficking in Persons Report for 2010.

"In 1991, a 6-year-old boy was working part-time as a house boy for a fisheries officer. The officer was reassigned to a different region and promised the boy an education if he accompanied him. But instead of being enrolled in school, the boy was forced to tend cattle and serve as the homestead's security guard. The officer changed the boy's name to Charles and over time,the boy forgot his native language. Charles, now 26, still works for the fisheries officer but has never received payment and relies on the officer for everything. When Charles requested a piece of land to build a house so he could marry, the man instead forced him to work as a fisherman and turn over the profits. With the help of a local anti-trafficking committee, Charles moved into a rented room in a nearby town but continues to abused by his trafficker. Charles does not know who or where his family is." 
This is a story out of Kenya, Africa. There are many more like it from places all over the world. 

Pray for these victims, because what is happening to them is a tragedy.

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