Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas and Red Headed Realism

It's been some time since my last post, and for that I am sorry. It's just that I thought no one was reading so I felt it wasn't worth keeping up. I have since learned that there are a few faithful readers out there, and to them I earnestly express my apologies.

Christmas is coming, and I've never been less excited. It's not to say that I'm no longer looking forward to it, I am. It's just not as special this year. I can't honestly say I am all that happy right now and I don't think that Christmas Day can fix that. I'm not sure there's anything that can fix that right now. Life is just hard. There isn't all that much to be happy about. I'm certainly grateful for the things I do have, but I'm also seriously struggling with the things I don't have.

And here's the dose of Red Headed Realism:

In the past two years I've been more mixed up about my life and future than I've ever been before. In that two years I've experienced more failure than ever before... in my finances, spiritual life, emotional life, academics, and aspirations.

That real enough for everyone?

Sorry for the tone of the post. Please know that it was cathartic for me.

Merry Christmas.



  1. Nicole,

    This is something we all go through. It's tough, and I can't necessarily say that it ever goes away completely. I could be all cliche and quote Superchick (if I get up I may fall back down again, so let's get up, c'mon) and pretend that everything gets better, but that just isn't my style.

    Know you're loved by those of who are still around. Know no matter what, there is a group of friends at school that you always have. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

    Keep your chin up, girl. :)