Thursday, December 30, 2010

I love my Dad

It's true! I do!

Now, I would pretend like this blog post isn't just about satisfying my Dad's need to see that I'm keeping up with this, but there's just no point. You know Dad.

But for those of you who aren't Walter Thomas, I'd just like you to know that he's a really cool guy.

He always knows how to explain things in terms that you can understand. When I was a child I remember him explaining things to Kyle and I in ways that we could relate to. No matter how difficult the subject he always knew how to bring it down to our level, and I have seen him do the same thing with Joshua.

He is very affectionate. He's not one of those overbearing parents that suffocates you or anything like that, but he knows how to show you he loves you. And he has been the best example of what a husband and father should be that I could ever ask for.

He is turning 50 soon.

Happy Birthday Dad.

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