Thursday, February 10, 2011

Academia for Academia's Sake.

Is it a good thing? Should we condone this practice of learning things just to learn them, not to be used for practical application?

I have long been against such behaviors, for the longest time simply because I don't like them myself. However, since I've been at college I've realized that it has more to do with my fundamental beliefs than my disposition of disliking the work. God wants us to live purposefully... and to spend money, time, and effort mastering things that won't contribute to any greater purpose I believe is more than just impractical, it's unwise.

That was my mini-rant for the day. And it was brought to you by my Contemporary Math homework that I don't want to do.



  1. And yet, maybe you could say anything learned contributes to the greater good if it is true. For example, I have no real use for the Pythagorean theorem in my personal life, but I have had a few occassions to refer to it. Most times it accompanies humor, and sometimes it just helps me feel smarter than I know I really am. But I'm glad I learned it.
    Of course anything labeled "contemporary" stands little chance of being true and worthwhile...

  2. I feel the same way about felt like such a waste of time when I could be doing something more worth-while. :)

  3. This may not be how you feel about math, but, if you enjoy it, it's worth it.

    I was talking to Millie about why would I ever go to grad school. Really, I just like to learn, but it's hard to condone spending that much money on just my enjoyment. Millie said something along the lines of how enjoyment of learning IS worth it. And beauty is worth it. And happiness is worth it. Etc...

    Just a thought I wanted to share.