Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010... new year, new ideas, new stories!

Oh, new year that cometh... what dost thou bring?

...ummm.... yeah, I don't know what that was.

Thus far the new decade isn't all that promising. But who knows, right?

Oh! I was hit with this really cool idea for a story the other day in church. My pastor was starting a sermon on Corinthians, and his intro had something to do with the fact that it was a letter and writing letters and stuff and then BAM just like that this story just hit me. And I don't mean just like, an idea for a story, I mean like, beginning, middle, end, main characters, main plot points... just everything. Like, I have never had a story develop so quickly in my mind. This is why I am convinced that this story is gold and I need to figure it out and write it soon before I lose it. Of course, It is Well in the Wastelands would be put on hold... which sucks because that's a good one too, but I haven't had inspiration for it for a while.

...anyway. In other news, I am reading The Lovely Bones before the movie comes out. So far it's good. It's depressing... but good.

Well, wish me luck on my writing. This is a good story. A really good one. I can feel it. I'm going to call it Letters from the Sky. Yeah, I know that's a song by Civil Twilight. I love that song.



  1. The Lovely Bones is beyond fantastic. Can't wait to see it. Glad you're inspired. I got inspired in church the other day as well!

  2. I want to hear your story idea!!!!