Monday, February 28, 2011

Childhood Obesity and why it grosses me out

Okay folks, this is just a blog for blog's sake pretty much, but as I sit here at Bimbos (a small rinky dink restaurant in Dayton) and watch a child who is surely no older than 13 pile mounds of ranch onto a salad mainly populated by croutons, I just have to say it. Fat little kids kind of gross me out. Really gross obesity in general does, but when you see it in a child it's just somehow worse. I mean, this girl is 13 and probably weighs about what I do plus an extra fifty or so pounds. How have we allowed this to be okay? It's horrifying.

And not just for the people who have to look at her (me), but for her. She is gonna struggle with image for the rest of her life because her parents didn't have the sense to teach her to push back from the table. Or, perhaps even worse, she may never struggle with image (considering where we are, she's not too out of place) and have health problems sneak up on her later in life. At this point it's no longer an issue of me looking for blog fodder but actual concern for this girl's future.

Well, that was my little rant on how fat America is getting. Tune in next week for "Little girls who dye their hair bright pink and how trashy it makes them look from an early age."

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Redheaded Realism 5: Aladdin

Just my latest attempt at humor to draw the masses. This one has been very well received so far. What do you think?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Academia for Academia's Sake.

Is it a good thing? Should we condone this practice of learning things just to learn them, not to be used for practical application?

I have long been against such behaviors, for the longest time simply because I don't like them myself. However, since I've been at college I've realized that it has more to do with my fundamental beliefs than my disposition of disliking the work. God wants us to live purposefully... and to spend money, time, and effort mastering things that won't contribute to any greater purpose I believe is more than just impractical, it's unwise.

That was my mini-rant for the day. And it was brought to you by my Contemporary Math homework that I don't want to do.