Thursday, October 3, 2013


Oh yeah. I live here. Not only that, I work for Nashville.

Not the city, the show. On abc. Wednesday nights. 10/9 central. Watch it. Seriously, if it gets cancelled I lose my job.

And boy would I hate that.

I finally have a job and I intend to hold onto it. Because working is an amazing feeling. Seriously, I don't even care that I have to work Saturdays. (I know this will change as time goes on and I start missing fun Saturday things, but it hasn't happened yet.) I'm seriously just so grateful to have a job at all, it doesn't even bother me that it has nothing to do with what I studied or want to do with my life. I am just happy to be making money and feeling productive. I mean, not that I wasn't productive before, but I kind of wasn't.

I have no idea what this job is going to lead to (I'm hoping it will lead to another job that is closer to what I actually want to do) but even if it doesn't get me anywhere else, in the meantime I am happy to have work. I'm emerging from the wasteland known as unemployment and I can't help but leap for joy and be overwhelmingly (borderline obnoxiously) excited. It's just an accounting clerk position. I file paperwork and check numbers all day. But I have the joy of Lord while I do it. Because I waited. And waited. And waited. And finally He delivered. I wonder what He'll deliver next...

Fingers crossed they need accountants on Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.

Or stunt doubles for Black Widow with fiery red hair. ;)

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  1. Dude, seriously, Pinewood studios in Fayetteville, GA is going to need people like you! A representative is going to my old Job Seekers meeting. I wish I could go and ask him questions for you!!

    But ohmygosh, Nicole! The much prayed for job has COME!!!!!!!!!! SO happy for you!!!