Sunday, January 18, 2009

It Is Well In The Wastelands

This is a story that I've had inside me for at least two years now, maybe more. It comes out in little spurts, and I think of it often. But now I need to translate the images in my mind into words, because I think this story is one that the whole world can appreciate. And if not the whole world, then at least my friends and family.

The premise is fairly simple. The United States is attacked and government and social order completely falls apart. The story focuses on how a group of survivors cope with the new world they've been thrust into.

The main character (and her family) is loosely based on my own nature and family. There are several characters that come into the story that you may recognize if you know me well.

I will post some excerpts here, as I finish them and am satisfied with the results. But a lot of it will need to be revised and edited and read over many many times before I can do anything serious with it.

I hope you enjoy what you read, and please give me feedback. I would really appreciate it.

Look for another piece of the story soon.


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