Monday, April 22, 2013

Guatemala Update

So I've sent out support letters and in them I said that one could follow my progress on my blog, and then I didn't blog again. I am so bad about follow through- at least when it comes to my internet presence. But alas, I am blogging now! So get ready to have your socks blogged off!

I'm sure you're all dying to know how close I am to achieving my support raising goal of $1600. Well, I have raised... $300 so far. And actually $230 of that was my own money. So the dough isn't exactly rolling in. However, I am still optimistic and certain that I will get the support I need. I guess I'll know for sure in about a month, as the next deposit (of $700) is due May 12th.

Also, as an aside on fund raising, the Dig a Well fund reached $5,000!! This is huge because while our goal was $10,000 the amount we have is enough to dig a well. The more we raise after this just allows us to dig a well for a more remote (and therefore more desperate) village. So we are going to dig a well no matter what, but if we can raise more then we can dig one for people who are more secluded and less likely to have the ability to travel to a source of water. So keep sending people to to donate and download the song.

As far as my spiritual needs go, I would ask for prayer in the area of devotion and focus. I feel thoroughly devoted to this mission, but it's still in the theoretical/not-here-yet stage. I am struggling to buckle down and really start working on preparation. We have suggested readings and I've read minuscule amounts from both books. And my scripture reading? Let's just say I'm not doing enough of it. I want to be a good servant, but I keep allowing myself to be distracted by different things in my life, especially my job situation. God has blessed me with sporadic work, so I've been kept busy between different odd jobs and applying for things all over creation. That shouldn't be an excuse however, for allowing my spiritual life to be pushed aside. So I would appreciate prayers for those things.

I really hate to use the Bryan buzzword community, but being outside of the super Christ-centered Bryan community has made it harder to prioritize things. I'm sure I'm not the only Bryan grad to struggle with this and I won't pretend my situation is unique. But I know that I need help. I need prayer.

Thank you for reading.

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