Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Church and Twins

So, I promised Guatemala stories, and now I will deliver on that promise.

The third day of our trip was a Sunday, and we went to church in the local village. We attended the morning service and then we visited the nursing/old folks home. We had seen it the day before and decided we would go back after the morning church service to visit with the elderly there and distribute cards that the kids from our church had made for them. There was also an evening service. It was a pretty full day to say the least.

The morning service was very good. The music was interesting, as the women leading didn't really seem to have coordinated their song selections with the musicians, so it was amusing watching the guys struggle to figure out what key they were singing in. Definitely spirit led worship going on there though. Even though I had no idea what they were singing about, their passion was evident and it was a beautiful act of worship. The message was great (it was translated for us). The pastor spoke about temptation and how God can empathize with our struggles with it because Christ experienced it as well. He also spoke on how laziness breeds temptation which was really eye opening for me as I recognized its truth. When we allow ourselves to have too much free time, our minds wander and our sin nature comes out.

After the morning service we went back to the Hope of Life cafeteria/pavilion to have lunch and then walked down to the nursing home. The people there were so pleased to see us and loved getting visitors. Those of us with instruments (Travis, Kyle and I) walked around playing and singing worship songs and other random songs we knew. We had a good sized group of elderly people outside listening to us under one of the covered walkways, but not everyone could get out of bed/their rooms. So Sarah came and got me and told me there was a woman who wanted to hear the music, but couldn't get out of bed.

You can't see me, but I'm there with my ukulele.

So I go to this woman, she is very feeble, barely moving on her bed, but she has this big smile on her face. I play my ukulele for her for a while and then we start talking a bit in Spanish. I use the language I know, and when that's exhausted I sort of just took her hand and stroked it. She said something in Spanish I didn't understand. Then she gets this serious look on her face and points knowingly at my stomach. She says one word, "bebay?" I took this to mean she thought I was pregnant, you know, with the whole pointing at the stomach and the word sounding so much like "baby" and all. I started laughing and shaking my head no, trying to say no babies for a long time.

She smiled agreeably, then got serious again.

She holds up two fingers and says, "Dos."

There was only one possible conclusion I could draw from this situation.

Obviously this woman prophesied that I am going to have twins. That or I'll have a baby in two years....

Or she could have been referring to literally 2 of anything else. I honestly have no idea, but if I do end up with twins someday I'll have a good laugh over it.

Anyway, so later that evening we went back to church for the evening service and participated in worship. Our team went up and sang some songs in English. It was very sweet and it was a blessing that they invited us to do that.

Why do they have a Manora on their wall? I have no idea...
Their worship team performed a song that was amazing and I wish I could show you the video of it, but alas, you'll have to wait. It was a song of pure joy, they literally sang about praising God by jumping up and down, shouting, and whistling. And while we sang it, we did it! I've never jumped up and down in church like that before but it was SO FUN.

Anyway. I hope you enjoyed my stories. There will be more.

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  1. Nothing quite like being asked if you're pregnant...